5 Easy Ways to Add Luxury to Your Lifestyle

Close your eyes
and think about your own definition of a luxury life. Living a life filled with
luxuries is a lifestyle many of us aspire to live, although it can have
different meanings depending on our dreams. Perhaps it could
be traveling the world visiting premium hotels, or wearing designer clothing
and pampering ourselves with indulgent products?

While a glamorous lifestyle was once only associated with celebrities, it’s easier than we think to attain a life filled with luxury for ourselves. Without having to break the bank or aspire to have a celebrity status, here are six easy ways to bring a touch of luxe into our everyday lives.

1. Treat yourself to flowers:

Coming home to a
bunch of scented, fresh-cut flowers situated in your home can instantly improve
your mood. Not only do they look beautiful and add a pop of color to our homes,
but they also give off memories of treats and occasions.

You can purchase flowers from supermarkets or florists at a range of different prices, and when looked after, they can last anything from 5-10 days. Why not treat yourself to a bunch every Sunday before the start of the week? This will give your home an elegant touch, and make you feel a little fancier.


2. Own a beautiful writing pen

There is no
nicer feeling than picking up your pen to write your morning to-do list and noticing how luxe it is. By using a
premium, high quality pen which may be sleek and minimal, or beautifully
decorated, it will remind you of how special you are every day.

3. Subscribe to your favorite glossy magazines

In a world where
we are constantly online, owning a brand new, glossy magazine can feel like a
real treat. Flicking through the pages of a monthly fashion or interior
magazine also reminds us of the waiting areas in important offices, or when at
luxurious salons.

If you subscribe to a monthly subscription, it really will feel like a small present has arrived when you see the package with your name on.

4. Invest in everyday opulence

The way you
dress and update your personal look can really make a difference to the type of
life you feel you have. It can be unattainable to purchase designer handbags
and shoes on a monthly basis, but you can invest in a number of staple items
which give us those feelings or being a little special,

Start with a quality cashmere scarf, one which can act as a neck scarf in the
winter months, yet can double up as a short pashmina to drape over your
shoulders when the weather gets a little warmer. There is something about the
touch of cashmere that personifies as expensive and special. Have a look at the
selection on State Cashmere to start you off.

Accessories can
also bring you those feelings of looking and feeling like a Queen. A
sophisticated watch to glance at and a stylish handbag to hold your everyday
items can also give you that instant feel of a luxurious life.

5. Look at holiday

We can’t all jet
off to the Bahamas every year, but thanks to sites such as Airbnb, it’s easier to have a staycation for various
weekend breaks.

We now have
access to some of the most deluxe loft apartments and country cottages, which
are more affordable due to the flexibility of the site. By giving us access to
these types of accommodation, the modern holiday experience has been
revolutionized. You can easily feel like you are living like a king, at least
for a couple of days!

Finally, once you’ve finished assembling your high-class outfit and booking your boutique apartment mini-break, think about the little ways you can keeping bring luxury into your life. Investing in a barrister style coffee machine so you can sip your frothy lattes every morning (without heading to Starbucks every day) will save you money in the long run, yet also give you that premium experience. There are so many little things you can do!

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