Casa Cook Chania Combines Modernist-Inspired Architecture With Village-Style Living

Conceptualized by K-STUDIO – a design practice rooted in architecture with an unique contextual approach to producing holistic and immersive living experiences – Casa Cook Chania is the third manifestation of the Casa Cook resort brand. Continuing the brand’s image of texturally enriched comfort within a laid-back luxury concept, this modernist Mediterranean resort which lies across a hillside location on the Cretan coast, is the product of K-STUDIO’s close collaborations with Berlin-based interior design studio, Lambs and Lions, and interior stylist, Annabell Kutucu.

Casa Cook Chania Combines Modernist-Inspired Architecture With Village-Style Living

Using modernist-inspired architecture as an elegantly dynamic solution to the challenge of providing a lot of single-story space on a sloping site, the designers were able to create a ‘village’ layout with emphasis on external space that combines larger, open gathering points which facilitate smaller, quieter moments amidst breathtaking views. Regarded a passion project by Casa Cook, each hotel fits seamlessly together along a similar yet highly distinct theme.

Whether framed by a mountain or the sea, all Casa Cook locations draw inspiration from the surrounding landscapes and local culture, inspiring onlookers with immaculate architecture and design that feels both cosmopolitan and down-to-earth. Emphasising wellbeing for body and soul, Casa Cook Chania represents the brand’s collective effort to uphold mindfulness through health-conscious food, spas, yoga, music and outdoor excursions, for an enriching getaway experience.

@Credit by Luxuo

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