Deepspot, World’s Deepest Pool In The World

Opening this fall, Deepspot which is currently under construction near Warsaw will be the deepest diving pool in the world. With a depth of 45 meters and containing 8,000 cubic meters of water, 27 times as much as in ordinary 25-meter swimming pool, the Deepspot pool will be as deep as a fifteen-story building.

With over 1,000 tons of steel being used to reinforce its structure, the finished product will give divers the impression of being suspended in space. Located in the town of Mszczonow, less than 30 miles from Warsaw, Deepspot pool has a chance to become a place, attracting people from around the world. Slated to be open seven days a week, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, diving enthusiast will be able to experience the great azure regardless of the weather outside.

“The building of Deepspot combines engineering ingenuity with modern design to marvel onlookers and visitors as well as those in the diving community,” says Michał Braszczyński – Deepspot CEO. “Deepspot will be the premier indoor diving center in the world.”

The temperature of the water will be also slightly higher than in traditional swimming pools deeming wetsuits unnecessary, allowing for long training sessions. Perfect for divers of any level, its deep pool basin allows divers to train at different depths and provides the adventurer with their first taste of underwater diving under the watchful eye of instructors and use the latest, safe and comfortable equipment.

The Deepspot pool can be watched not only from the perspective of a diver. There will also be an underwater tunnel for spectators, along with conference, training and hotel rooms with a view to the interior of the pool.

Along with excavating a 50-meter basin, Deepspot has achieved some other engineering marvels that aren’t seen by the naked eye. For every square meter of Larsen’s (resistance) wall, the force of 50 tons will do the work, to the layman imagine that a single eight square meter slab has eight of elephants of pressure at once. Second is the maintenance of crystal-clear water that encompasses the pool.

As a normal pool filtration system wouldn’t be able to handle a pool of this size, in a regular public pool water is filtered 3 times a day, a special filtration system was needed to be created. Instead of having to use a traditional filtration system which would cycle 15 times a day, they have created a system to preserve all the expected bio-physical-chemical parameters of water and filter only four times a day.

| Photos courtesy of Flystop/Deepspot


@Credit by Upscale Living Magazine

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