FOILER, The Flying Yacht

Began in Switzerland in 2010 within the company Hydros, the FOILER project began leading to the new 2019 iteration of the luxury yacht. With a passion for applying high-tech engineering to sailing and flying, ENATA Industries debuted its 31-foot Foiler at the 2018 Dubai International Boat Show.

The latest 2019 version showcases stylish upgrades along with performance systems making it more efficient and sleeker than its previous model. This client-ready version of the yacht underwent more than 1,000 hours of extensive testing to add various improvements to performance and design. Boasting four carbon fiber hydrofoils that lift the vessel five feet off the water, it gives the impression that the stylish yacht is gliding in the air.

The yacht starts in “Float Mode”, but when pilot presses the “Fly Mode” button on the dashboard it hydraulically launches the yacht’s hydrofoils, hydro-foiling speeds start 18 knots. Claiming to eliminate seasickness due to its smooth ride, the yacht is able to effortlessly glide over waves as high as six-and-a-half feet.

FOILER can run solely on battery power for 10 minutes, cruising in silence, while the hybrid propulsion system is comprised of twin 320-hp BMW diesel engines, two electric generators, and two Enata electric torpedoes. With a cruising speed of 30 knots, the yacht is able to go 130 nautical miles off the 79-gallon fuel tank; and with no lag between the steering wheel and the Foiler turning, those behind the wheel are afforded a thrill-seeking ride.

Max speed – 40 knots
Cruise speed – 30 knots
Length – 31’
Height for storage – 7’6”
Accommodates – Eight people
Beam with foils retracted- 10’10”
Beam with foils deployed – 23’7”
Draft in non-foiling- 2’

| Photos courtesy of Foiler The Flying Yacht

@Credit by Upscale Living Magazine

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