‘If I Die, I Didn’t Notice What I am Doing’ By Sun Yuan and Peng Yu

International contemporary art gallery, Galleria Continua in San Gimignano, Italy, presents an awe-inspiring exhibition of work by the iconic Chinese artistic duo Sun Yuan and Peng Yu. Entitled, ‘If I Die’ and ‘I Didn’t Notice What I am Doing’, the interactive conjoint exhibitions will occupy the lobby of Rome’s St. Regis Hotel up till 26th April 2020.

‘If I Die, I Didn’t Notice What I am Doing’ By Sun Yuan and Peng Yu

Revered for the destabilizing and provocative nature of their work, Sun Yuan and Peng Yu have collaborated since the early 1990s and are renowned for their intriguing use of material, and immense focus on the constant confirmation of paradox. Showcasing duality in every aspect of creation, the duo portray subjects in a monochromatic manner, whilst playing on the viewers observation skills through the simple act of concealment.

Blurring the lines between the perceived reality and fiction, the duo’s latest exhibition aims to present the audience with an interpretive analysis of life – featuring hyper-realistic, life-sized sculptures, the exhibition comprises of a fiberglass rhinoceros, triceratops, a human figure with half-closed eyes and a dreamy expression, amidst other animals and well-dressed, faceless figures lounging on leather sofas with boulders balanced on their necks.

Upon careful inspection, each display comes together seamlessly, telling an intimate story of Peng Yu’s mother as she imagines life after death, and ponders the limitation of communication, generational conflicts, and the glimmering hope change and conservation bring.

@Credit by Luxuo

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