Photograph of the week: A room with a view in Iceland

Have you ever dreamt about sleeping under the stars or witnessing the colours of
the Northern lights? Situated at the foot of Hekla volcano in the South of Iceland, about 3 hours drive from Reykjavik, ÖÖD Iceland allows its visitors to soak in the wonders of the Icelandic landscape and atmospheric spectacles. The beautiful, yet dramatic and somewhat apocalyptic site provides an unforgettable experience by blending the rough surroundings with the elegant sky. It is a place where all barriers between you and the wilderness are magically gone.

Imagine a scene, where you are planning to have a romantic weekend getaway with your loved one. You have decided to spend the night in a cozy glass cabin in the Icelandic countryside. This luxurious place caught your eye and next thing you know you are both there, standing in front of this homely cabin feeling as if you have reached the edge of the world.

The exterior design matches perfectly with the rough landscape, utilizing clear glass and rustic wood. What is more, native history is even incorporated into the design. A runic symbol on the exterior sidewall and Norse mythology symbols on the back of the lodge are added to follow popular Icelandic traditions.

When you open the door and step in, you are instantly mesmerized. The interior design
cleverly puts the focus on the bed placed under the glass ceiling and surrounded by glass walls to let in as much of the scenic beauty as possible while also not restricting star-gazing. It catches your eye with its simple yet rough wooden design. The volcanic make-up of Iceland is beautifully symbolized with the black hexagonal tiles fused into the wood flooring and walls. Even the lighting fixtures and other small decorations make you sense the Viking ancestry of Iceland. The combination of the natural and elegant exterior and cozy interior is specifically designed to create an authentic Viking stay while providing every necessary modern luxury.

Imagine an evening where you have completed your hiking for the day, the dinner is prepared and your cabin is lit up by the warmth of the setting sun. Next, you snuggle under the warm blankets behind the glass walls as, for those who have not experienced a Nordic 5-hour long sunset, the pink and red colors painted across the horizon can be an unforgettable sight.

At night when the wind is howling and the temperature is freezing, the Jacuzzi waits for you to dip yourself in, relax and lose track of time, while the sky lights up with stars and the visible Milky Way galaxy which drifts across your sight. If atmospheric conditions are right there is no better place on Earth to experience the Northern lights than here in Iceland. Falling asleep under the stars that are so much sought after throughout the world will cause you to confuse reality with dreams.

As you wake up, the sunrise is perfectly enjoyed with breakfast in bed. The whole room is filled with deep coffee scent and you feel peace inside you and any anxious thoughts disappear. You have got everything you need for a perfect hideaway on a beautiful island with your soulmate; embrace your inner adventurer, grab a map and explore.

The two houses of ÖÖD Iceland were born from a beautiful cooperation between ÖÖD Mirror House from Estonia and Panorama Glass Lodge from Iceland. The creation was mainly motivated by a yearning for a house with as much natural sunlight as possible, where you do not want to leave and would rather doze off under the Northern lights or a starry sky.

Thank you to Panorama Glass Lodge Iceland for permission to share the photograph.

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@Credit by A Luxury Travel Blog

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