The 100% Recyclable Anthenea Pod Promises an Autonomous Tourist Experience


Adventurous, movable, unsinkable, and autonomous. Made in France, the Anthenia pod aims to instill an incredible feeling of freedom to its guests. Branded as a both a “cozy nest” and “ship for earth people”, each pod is fully equipped to fit inexperienced navigators, offering a multitude of endless possibilities in discovering virgin territories, whilst maintaining the highest standard of hotel accommodation and service. Conceived to embrace mother nature’s every mood without causing damage, the eco-deluxe Anthenia pod represents a timeless experience.

The 100% Recyclable Anthenea Pod Promises an Autonomous Tourist Experience


Addressing the innumerable environmental challenges of our time, including rising sea levels, the effects of climate change, the over-density of the seaboard, and congested tourist destinations, the Anthenia pod’s spherical shape is based on the principle of ‘surface tension’ observed in nature, which, according to its designers, is the optimal form of resistance to extreme conditions on the water.

Complete with an adjustable sunshade roof, 12 solarium seaters, solar panels, a panoramic bathtub, and 220 cm bedding diameter, the pod is 100% recyclable, with a well-researched design capable of resisting cataclysms and the rise of oceans. Powered solely by the sun, the floating habitat not only features an energy sensor dome that meets the electrical and hot water needs, but is also equipped with certified black and gray water stations, producing only what it consumes, and releasing clean water only.

@Credit by Luxuo

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