The best islands to visit in Australia

Australia is the largest island in the world, and at the same time the smallest continent on Earth with lots of smaller islands bordering it. In total more than 8,000 amazing islands! All of them bathed by the warm southern sun and surrounded by the crystalline waters of the Pacific.

If you were planning to visit an Australian island every day, it would probably take you more than 15 years to visit all of them.

Therefore, because 8,000 are too many islands, I’d like to share with you a ranking with the most popular islands in Australia that you cannot miss. They are must be the first in your bucketlist!

Fraser Island

It constitutes the largest sand barrier in the world, formed from the accumulation of sand off the coast of Brisbane. Only here you can see a jungle ecosystem developed in sand that shelters all kinds of birds, animals and the abundant marine life. Not surprisingly, it was declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 1992. An excellent way to explore this paradise is the Great Walk of Fraser Island, a journey of 90 kilometers along a winding path that penetrates the island, passing through Majestic lakes, large sections of jungle and the ever-present and mobile sand dunes.

Kangaroo Island

This island has beautiful beaches and a lot of wildlife in its 4,500 km2. Although it has a small population, Kangaroo Island has kept its ecosystems intact naturally. There you will find a very rich variety of animals that give the impression of being inside a zoo, but where all the creatures live in total freedom. In addition to ecotourism and activities related to its nature, on “Kangaroo Island” you can also go scuba diving, scuba diving, trekking through the forest and (of course) surfing.

Lord Howe Island

A World Heritage Site with 11 spectacular beaches, which stand out for their unique beauty and enormous biodiversity. Lord Howe Island is a small island located in the Tasmanian Sea, within the state of New South Wales, about 600km east of the Australian continent (less than 2 hours flight from Sydney or Brisbane). This island is an ideal place for those looking to relax since only 400 visitors are allowed per day. The island is surrounded by crystal clear water and corals, which attracts a diverse marine fauna, plants and birds unique in the world.

Moreton Island

One of the best landscapes to see whales, dolphins and other marine animals. Anyone who visits Brisbane a couple of days can not miss the Moreton Island, located just 58km from the city. 95% of this sandy island is a national park and since there are only sandy roads, the only means of transport around the island is 4 × 4 since there is no public transport. On the island 5 lighthouses have been built and there are currently four settlements on the west side of it.

Whitsunday Islands

Located within the Great Barrier Reef, one of the most spectacular areas in Australia. Whitsunday Islands is actually an incredible archipelago formed by an authentic necklace of more than 70 beautiful islands and islets. Whitsunday has been able to stay natural and safe from human pollution, this does not mean that you can not visit, on the contrary, there are several companies that make excursions or rent boats to travel the archipelago with total freedom. I recommend you take a dip in the excellent beach of Whitehaven Beach, a paradise on earth!

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