The Cliff-Hanging Los Vilos House By Cristián Boza Represents Timeless Typology

Constructed in the early 1990s to only be completed by 1997, the Los Vilos House was once a weekend retreat for the late Chilean architect, Cristián Boza, his wife and their four children. Topped by an undulating concrete wall that protects its open-air roof terrace from the natural elements, the residence is characterised by its winding yellow walls and circular swimming pool. Designed with the help of his wife Diana Wilson, the residence also boasts an in-house sauna and jacuzzi, which overlook the sea.

The Cliff-Hanging Los Vilos House By Cristián Boza Represents Timeless Typology

Measuring six by 25 meters, Boza’s terrace cascades into a short, outdoor stairwell, showcasing spectacular views of the South Pacific Ocean and skyline. As an elevated bridge links the private pool to the house, the residence itself extends across the site, from the highest peak down to the fishing villages below, through the inclusion of a palatial walkaway.

Built from local stone flank, punctured with enormous windows and doors, the Los Vilos House features an elevated metal chimney reaching beyond the central lounge and into a slender mezzanine level with storage for books. Interconnected by a series of doorways, the dining room provides easy access to the kitchen and master bedroom, whilst the remaining four bedrooms are strategically positioned to the rear, infiltrated via multiple stone paths.

Once the dean of architecture at the San Sebastián University, Cristián Boza was revered for his controversially critical eye typology, with an extensive resume of successful projects including The Santiago Justice Center, the Quinta Normal River Park, the Bellavista headquarters of the San Sebastián University, and a number of houses for Chilean president Sebastián Piñera.

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