Tom Hegen Considers The Role of Aviation in The ‘Lockdown’ Series

Known for his portrayal of bright colors, geometric shapes and gritty textures in his all of his work, Tom Hegen’s photography often appear in the form of abstract paintings, despite being objective documentation of our planet. With a newfound perspective in light of a global lockdown, Hegen considers the role of aviation in our immensely interconnected world.

Tom Hegen Considers The Role of Aviation in The ‘Lockdown’ Series

Reflecting on the industries evolution, whilst weighing the pros and cons of its success, Hegen visualizes the surreal imagery of a world on pause, speculating on the existence of covid-19 and alluding it to an act of revenge by nature on globalization. What once represented transport and global connectivity, is now depicted as symbols of lockdown and isolation.

Posing his images as subtle messages, Hegen encourages society to question and reevaluate the need for long-distance travel and out-sourced produce in an era of digital communication.

@Credit by Luxuo

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